Desired setup

  • We want to use official Mullvad Daemon and Mullvad GUI
  • Mullvad to auto-connect once Internet connection is established by NetworkManager
  • Mullvad to auto-reconnect when Internet connection changes (like, you moved to another WiFi) — roaming
  • Mullvad to use its own…

  1. Close Electrum wallet
  2. Run Ledger Live
  3. Install the Bitcoin app via Ledger Live
  4. Start the Bitcoin app on the Ledger — the Ledger should display “Use wallet to view accounts”
  5. Close Ledger Live
  6. Only then run your Electrum wallet and pick hardware device


  • Locally encrypted. Solution must natively support modern authenticated encryption. Files metadata must also be encrypted. …

use rand::Rng;

fn main() {
let random_bytes = rand::thread_rng().gen::<[u8; 32]>();
println!("{:?}", random_bytes);
use rand::Rng;

fn main() {
let random_bytes: Vec<u8> = (0..1024).map(|_| { rand::random::<u8>() }).collect();
println!("{:?}", random_bytes);


  • Is it possible…

Piotr Włodarek

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